Transforming Insurance with Artificial Intelligence

INSIS AI provides machine learning-powered SaaS solutions and enables corporate-level AI transformation programs for insurance companies.

Every insurer holds unique historical data, domain knowledge and business goals. Depending on the needs of our clients, we build AI into an organization in two distinct ways: machine learning-powered SaaS solutions and AI professional services.

AI Solutions

INSIS machine learning-powered SaaS solutions solve key insurance problems and automate legacy processes, while remaining completely customizable to every insurer’s unique use cases and datasets. Our first AI product, INSIS Cognitive Assistant, is an automated conversational customer assistance tool. Currently, it supports claim processing, quotation, and customer retention capabilities. Legacy insurance processes are augmented by intelligent messaging and IVR (interactive voice response) through digital assistants (e.g. Google Assistant), smart devices (e.g. Google Home), social messaging apps (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Viber), and telephony gateways.

AI Transformation

INSIS AI enables long-term AI transformation programs for insurers, with the goal of creating tremendous enterprise and customer value. These long-term transformation programs may include professional services assisting insurer’s AI strategy and delivering impactful AI projects.

INSIS Cognitive Assistant Key Benefits

INSIS Cognitive Assistant is a pay-as-you-go license-based software solution that leverages state of the art machine learning models.

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Improve Customer Experience

Automatically process customer requests smarter and faster than ever, 24/7, via voice and messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, telephony gateways or even a smart device like Google Home
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Automate Claims Processing

AI handles claim requests and analyses structured and unstructured claim data, evaluates damage and estimates repair cost so claims can be settled faster
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Increase Customer Retention

Identify retention initiatives at key interaction points and enable each channel with retention actions to prevent customer attrition
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Increase Conversion

Make online quotation quicker, less labor intensive, and conversation-like experience

INSIS Cognitive Assistant Key Features

  • Automated processing of customer requests, 24/7, via Facebook Messenger, Viber, Google Assistant, telephony gateways, or even a smart device like Google Home
  • Automated claim damage assessment
  • Customer churn prediction
  • Context-aware insurance recommendations
  • Quote recommendation system
  • Available as a plug and play add-on that can integrate into existing systems, allowing them to dramatically improve customer service without committing to a costly system upgrade

INSIS Cognitive Assistant Delivery

INSIS Cognitive Assistant is completely customizable to every insurers’ datasets and business goals. The AI team at Fadata works with our clients to build and test each machine learning model before deploying INSIS Cognitive Assistant into production.

1. Data collection and labeling
INSIS AI’s data labeling tools make it easy for internal teams to create labeled datasets.

2. Model development and training
Fadata AI team works with clients to determine the right project objectives, build and train models that achieve those goals.

3. Model deployment
Trained models are tested in real production environments. Fadata AI team will leverage the new data points coming through the data pipeline to improve the final deployed production models.

4. On-going support and training
After the final models are deployed, INSIS Cognitive Assistant continues to get smarter. INSIS Cognitive Assistant learns from new data, to continue improving the model performance.