Fadata AI Program


Helping You Harness The Power of AI


Improve claims payment accuracy


Reduce claims and underwriting processing costs through automation of a greater number of cases


Improve customer experience through instant claims and underwriting processes


Increase experts productivity and shorten decision timeframes

INSIS AI Solutions

Pre-built and best-in-class core insurance AI solutions, ready for rapid cloud or on premise deployment

INSIS AI for Health

Optimizing Health Insurance Claims Processing & Enabling Personalized Preventive Care

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INSIS AI for Life

Transforming Underwriting in the Life Insurance Industry

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INSIS AI for Non-Life

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience with Reliable Claims Automation

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INSIS ML Framework for Fast track AI adoption with ML tools, reusable building blocks, and consolidated industry data

ML Data Management

Core data management for machine learning allows the insurer to extract, transform and enrich data from existing core insurance systems

ML Model Library

Set of prebuilt machine learning algorithms and models that optimize key core insurance business processes

ML Model Operations

Capability to run machine learning models at scale in production core insurance system environments including automated data engineering, model training, evaluation, serving and monitoring

ML Safety

Capability to guarantee robustness and reliability of core insurance machine learning models in production

INSIS AI Advantage


Leverage 30 years of extensive experience in core insurance system development and implementation


Pre-integrated and provided out-of-the-box with INSIS Core Insurance Platform


Easy integration with third party core insurance platforms


Leverage innovations in the open source and academic research ecosystem and effective application of AI to core insurance use cases


Productionize AI with end-to-end lifecycle management of core insurance AI workloads


Vendor-agnostic, multi-cloud capable system that offers comprehensive core insurance AI capabilities