Orchestrating Processes Across Your Business

Well-engineered processes are essential to the proper running of an insurer's business. This calls for a system that puts you in control.

INSIS' BPM and workflow system offers insurers a flexible and business-user friendly toolset for designing, automating and adapting your processes to the smallest detail. It puts you in control of your end-to-end business processes and workflows, from processes executed in INSIS to those performed by connected systems.

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Key Benefits

INSIS' Business Process and Workflow Management system supports your business' need for 
operational agility, efficiency and end-to-end control.


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Operational Agility

Easily configure and adapt processes to meet changing business requirements
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End-to-End Control

Orchestrate and control processes across core, customer engagement and connected ecosystem solutions
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Cost & Efficiency

Streamline and automate your processes, with no need for separate development work

Key Features

  • End-to-End Process Execution – ability to execute processes across back-end functions, human tasks and external system processes, enabled through integration with the INSIS Service Bus and User Interface
  • Workflow Builder – business-user friendly workflow builder into which processes configured with the Oracle Business Process Analysis suite can be dragged and dropped
  • Diagnostics & Monitoring – monitoring for task issues with detailed process performance screens, and use notifications, rescheduling and escalation rules to minimize delays
  • Out of the Box – INSIS' BPM tool comes pre-configured with a comprehensive set of business services that can be profiled by business line, product, operator, etc.
  • High Granularity – manage fine-grain services for very fine process tuning
  • Business Rules Integration – INSIS' Rule Engine provides input for underwriting and other decision points
  • Dynamic Role Assignment – INSIS' BPM tool uses an Authorization Matrix to assign tasks to actors, based on an analysis of conditions
  • Run-Time Support – processes can be configured in run time, with no need for re-compilation or redeployment