CSDB, Kazakhstan


In Kazakhstan, Fadata successfully finished the implementation of integrated system for insurance business management, INSIS-Non Life in the insurance company АО «BTA Insurance ». The BTA group has chosen INSIS after lengthy analysis of compatible solutions. Built on a module principle, INSIS is easy to be configured and implemented in short terms. The system is flexible and adaptive to the needs and specific features of the business, and also it is integrated in the existing financial and information systems.


BTA Insurance has become the first ever insurance company that meets the requirements of the local legislation. The advantage of INSIS implementation in BTA Insurance is that by the automation of business processes the insurer increases the business management efficiency aiming to its growth, increase of its flexibility and speed when offering new products and insurance packages. Obtaining of consolidated statements and financial results help the managers to easier archive the stated objectives in all companies in the group structure.


INSIS is integrated with CSDB, which is the unified statistical database for insurance of drivers and automobiles in Kazakhstan. The integration has been done with the help of web services. Before the issue of MTPL policy, each insurance company has to check in the database the driver’s bonus-malus coefficient and register the policy in the database after its issue. If the motor vehicle driver is not found in the database, then the motor vehicle should be registered there.