Providna IC Company, Ukraine


After thorough check of software in a testing period, operation of the INSIS Software started in IC Providna on September 1 2008. Implementation of the software for the general insurance in IC Providna was a result of the long-term agreement concluded by the companies for implementation of the principle insurance information system with possible extension hereof by supplementary modules and external business applications.


The services provided include implementation of INSIS Non-life insurance package as well as integration of the system with external systems of the insurance company: integration with the 1C financial system, HRB – the human resource system, implementation of the Blank module as well as implementation of the Self Service Module which enables the insurance agents to access basic INSIS functionality through a simplified user-interface.

The project covers: automation of all business processes of the insurance company including contract management, premium and commission calculation, claim settlement management, person and insured object management, reinsurance and etc. INSIS automates all business lines of the insurance company (up to 40 insurance products).


“Evidently, completion of the insurance OS is a next serious landmark in creating a high-performance company. The system enabled accounting automation of all sales transactions, policy management, claims settlement and re-insurance. Implementation of the system involved all principle business processes of the Company, and now we are able to execute operative control of every insurance operation along with active managing of sales. It was an ambitious and extremely tense project for our Companies. We are pleased it was completed within a rather tight timetable”, marked Iryna Sirenko, President and Chairman of the Board of IC Providna.