Centralized Control of your Data

Data sits at the heart of your processes and ability to service your customers.

INSIS' Data Administration module acts as a central repository that all other INSIS modules call on for accurate data on policyholders and companies.

A central source of data eases the inefficiency and risk of managing critical customer data in different systems. It also helps you comply effectively with regulations, including new privacy rules.

Read more in our White Paper: GDPR and Consumer Data

Key Benefits

INSIS' Data Administration module makes controlling your core customer and third-party data simpler and more efficient:

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Operational Efficiency

All INSIS operational modules access the same core data, avoiding the need for duplication
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Better Governance

Ensure effective control of core data and its quality in a single, centralized location
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Easier Compliance

Make policyholders' GDPR-related data requests and auditing of data easier to manage

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Scope –  manage all key data on customers, beneficiaries, insurers, agents, brokers, service providers etc.
  • Single Source – register, modify and retrieve data from one central source
  • Uniqueness – avoid duplication of data, e.g. an insured object, relating to multiple policies
  • Flexibility – include any new important data via user-defined parameters
  • GDPR Support – specialized INSIS module supporting policyholders' rights to be forgotten, for accessing their data, modifying their data, porting to third parties, etc.
  • Access Control – tightly control access rights to data in keeping with your data governance needs and regulation
  • Customer 360 View – holistic view of a customer's policies, quotes, applications, claims, premiums, etc.
  • Automatic Validation – reduce errors and help reduce fraud by automatically identifying insured persons with specific contracts, insured objects and claims
  • CRM Integration – ability to expose customer data for presentation in the business's central CRM system
  • Third-Party Providers – specialized sub-system for managing information on claims service providers (e.g. for motor and health claims), including the registration of associated contracts, services, spare parts and prices