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Dear customers,
partners and friends,

We are pleased to announce that the 7th INSIS Community Forum will be held on the 5th and 6th of June 2013 at Intercontitental City Hotel , in Prague, Czech Republic.

We are extremely glad that the INSIS Community Forum remains in the annual agenda of our international customers and partners, and we are happy from the fact that it is gaining even greater visibility among our potential clients and friends. As one of our most important marketing events throughout the year, the INSIS Community Forum is a platform for presenting Fadata’s latest developments in the field of information technology and insurance business solutions. Furthermore, the INSIS Community Forum is a valuable networking opportunity for communication and information exchange with IT professionals and insurance industry specialists.

In this year’s INSIS Community Forum’s agenda we have included presentations of the latest INSIS Road Map 2013-2016, which will cover the product’s development strategy in the next 3 years, presentation on the INSIS v10 Migration approach,INSIS for Mobile Applications, INSIS v10 Configurator and many more. Our customers and partners will be sharing both their IT and business experience in choosing and implementing INSIS Insurance Solution. In the presentation delivered by Gartner specialist you will learn more about the Cloud computing in insurance.We are looking forward to welcoming you at the 7th INSIS Community Forum on 5th and 6th of June in Prague!

Sincerely yours,
Anry Levy CEO, Fadata AD
Attending the INSIS forum was a great opportunity and the time spent at the forum was a really good investment. First of all it was very interesting to see all the new features and some very exciting developments of the new INSIS release. Fadata made their strategic direction for the upcoming years very clear and it was really interesting to see how this matched with my own company’s needs and could support me in managing my business. The program was complemented by presentations from external industry experts who gave an interesting overview about current market trends. The fact that Fadata experts from various areas were present gave me the opportunity to get in-depth answers right on the spot plus the possibility to talk to managers from other companies which were also working on INSIS allowed me to get first-hand experiences and insights on how others applied the system and on what solutions they were implementing. And for sure it was very nice to get a glimpse of the beautiful city of St. Petersburg and enjoy the leisure program… The next INSIS forum is definitely a must!
Proama IT Representatives, for the second time, visited INSIS Forum, which is recognized by us as a great chance for sharing experience between INSIS users. During well organized and selected presentations, in friendly atmosphere, we gain knowledge like new application versions, solutions and concepts as well as get news about INSIS. For a potential Customers it’s a great opportunity to talk to other Companies that have also implemented Fadata solutions, share both business and technical ideas and experience and also get a heads up on future development plans of INSIS System. INSIS Forum is organized in interesting places so it is also an option to have an enjoying time that is guaranteed by Fadata. INSIS Forum became a key event in our calendar and we are happy to be there in 2012 and we look forward to attending it in 2013
I attended the 6th INSIS Community Forum in 2012. It was a great opportunity to get to learn more about Fadata’s plans and roadmap for INSIS. Moreover, it was great to mingle and network with top-notch people both in technology and business. I also appreciated the presentations by world renowned speakers on global business trends and challenges which, in addition to listening to speakers from companies that have actually used INSIS, were of great help and inspirational; and would definitely help me strategize more effectively for my company. I am looking forward to INSIS Community forum 2013.
Stefan Egger
Takaful Emarat
COO and Consultant to the Board
Cezary Domagała
Application Manager
Hussein Samara
Abu Dhabi National Insurance Co


TuesdayJune 4th

INSIS Community Forum Welcome Reception
Dress code:
Business Casual

WednesdayJune 5th

Day 1 – Morning

Opening of the 7th INSIS Community Forum
Fadata Business Strategy “Think global – act local”, Angelika Kabaivanova, Marketing manager, Fadata
“Cloud computing in Insurance”, Juergen Weiss, Research Vice President, Gartner
Coffee break
“INSIS Road Map 2013-2016”, Boyko Kotchev, VP and Director INSIS Department, Fadata
“INSIS Prototypes”,Peter Obbov, Senior Consultant, Fadata
Open discussion
Dress code:

Day 1 – Afternoon

“European Insurance market outlook”, Lampros Gkogkos, Partner, Insurance and Actuarial Services CSE, E&Y Greece
“INSIS V10 Configurator- New Horizons”, Viktor Ivanov, INSIS Developer, Fadata
Open discussion, wrap up and close of day one
Dress code:

ThursdayJune 6th

Day 2 – Morning

INSIS v10 Migration Case study, Krasimir Zhechev, Senior Consultant, Non- Life Insurance and Reinsurance, Fadata AD
“Chronicle about the Thousand and One Nights”, Stefan Egger, COO and Consultant to the Board, Takaful Emarat
“INSIS for Mobile Applications”, Albena Ivanova, Account Manager, Fadata
Open discussion, conclusions and closing
Dress code:

Day 2 – Afternoon

15:30 – 19:00
Sightseeing tour Prague
Dress code:


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