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Take advantage of a true composite end-to-end solution, covering all relevant insurance processes - all in one license. Rapidly release products efficiently and up to par with the current market environment and customer needs. Fadata’s INSIS containerized core platform enables you to have a running environment in mere minutes and makes updates fast for constant access to new business features and functionalities.


Minimal Business Disruption

INSIS runs in containers to allow zero downtime during updates. Now you can run INSIS in containers when using Payara allowing for more efficient resource utilization, easier scalability, and faster deployment, resulting in cost savings and improved performance. Increase individual module performance for optimal efficiency to support any influx. For example, increase customer satisfaction by tackling large scale claims requests in natural disasters, or prepare optimal system performance following media campaigns.

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Eliminate Complexity – Adapt Rapidly

We make updates continuously while not interfering with your crucial business activities. You pick and choose when to update, how to update, and what to update. In addition, you can run INSIS wherever you want – any Cloud Provider or on-premise, on any operating system. Tailored for stability – one module does not affect another. Code can be developed and tested in separate environments without disrupting other uses or processes, ensuring no downtime when changes and updates are made. This enables products to be released rapidly, processes to be made with speed and efficiency, and delivers reliable, solid operational control and compliance.

Best of Breed Technology on Your Doorstep – Introducing Fadata INSIS Ecosystem

Significantly reduce integration costs and access new options to innovate and improve operational efficiency. The new Fadata Ecosystem of value-added applications is a pre-approved hub of excellence. You will benefit from a pre-made enterprise solution that offers peace of mind with pre-selected, trusted partners so that you can seamlessly deploy new technology capabilities from different technology leaders.

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