A fast, intuitive, and user-centric claims experience

Fadata’s NEW INSIS Claims Module offers you the ability to govern complex claims operations with ease. It supports the full claim process offering smooth workflow and flexibility in providing a tailor-made approach to your customers. Manage all risk-based products in a single solution. Stay on top of your business priorities in a modern, Cloud-ready architecture. Utilize open APIs to smoothly integrate with external providers and third-party systems helping you unlock new revenue opportunities, new business channels, new customer experiences, and new ecosystems.  

Pinpoint your business priorities and make your customers' lives easier

Boost your retention and satisfaction rates by delivering the workflow which the customers desire, on their terms, and in the channels they prefer. Bring clarity to your operations. Transparent claims management with multiple claims processing in a single event to achieve shorter time to settlement and raise customer satisfaction.

One for All – manage all individual and commercial P&C, Life and Health in a single solution

INSIS Claims Module is streamlined for ease-of-use, delivering flexible configuration and simple scalability through a user-centric interface. A one-for-all, single solution, INSIS Claims Module covers the entire claims lifecycle and is intended to serve all lines of business.

INSIS Claims_Notice of loss
INSIS Claims_Service-based appraisal

Effortless configuration and customization with Open APIs

Discover new revenue opportunities, new business channels, new customer experiences, new ecosystems by utilizing open APIs allow you to integrate to any system thus enabling your partner network and digital transformation.
Reduce dependencies and streamline operational efficiency drawing on customer insights. Make informed decisions to provide value to the end-user.

Modern, Cloud-ready architecture

Stay on top of your business priorities and opportunities by leveraging industry-standard security, continuous updates, easy deployment, and low-code configuration across all business lines. Lower risk and increase control. With Fadata’s new Claims Module, offered in the Cloud, you can shift the operational efforts where it matters, when it matters. Ensure longevity in an ever-changing world.

State-of-the-art UI

A fast, intuitive, and user-centric claims experience. Optimised screen flow to satisfy any claim made simple for any business line makes it easier and faster to handle your daily operations. The result – shorter training time and swifter time-to-market. Optimize your decision-making processes.

INSIS Claim_Financials

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