La Positiva Vida, announces Go live of INSIS Insurance Platform

La Positiva Vida, announces Go live of INSIS Insurance Platform

On October 1st, La Positiva Vida, part of La Positiva Seguros – one of the largest Insurance providers in Peru – announced the Go Live of the INSIS insurance Platform. In the first phase of the implementation, La Positiva Vida had deployed 9 lines of its life insurance business, with additional 11 to follow in the next steps of the implementation.

“We have chosen INSIS Insurance Platform for our core Life insurance solution for its proven track record of successful implementation around the globe, full configurability and advance of the technology and last, but not least, for the high acknowledgment Fadata and INSIS receive from leading independent research and consultancy companies.

With a legacy solution in house, operating in an extremely competitive domain, and at the same time with the ambitious business goals for the future of our company, we have realized the need of a business transformation and a digital platform, that would enable and support our growth. With INSIS Insurance Platform we can significantly increase business efficiency, reduce cost, and change gear to the high speed of change of the industry to meet customer expectations”, commented Luis Eduardo Echevarría Mata, CIO at La Positiva Seguros, Peru.

“We are delighted to see the positive impact and the early results INSIS implementation has shown for our customer La Positiva Vida. I would like to express my appreciation for the great support from the La Positiva Vida team throughout the implementation process and to stress on the fact, that every successful technology implementation is a result of a team work and strong support and commitment from the business”, added Lubomir Bojilov, COO at Fadata Group.

La Positiva Vida is the third INSIS customer in Latin America, with implementations in Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

Charles Taylor InsureTech is an implementation partner in the project of INSIS deployment at La Positiva Vida.

About Fadata Group

Fadata Group is a leading provider of software solutions for insurance companies worldwide. At a time of rapid industry change, it helps insurers compete by implementing digital processes needed to connect faster and more effectively with their customers and distribution partners.

Recognized as an advanced solution provider by analysts at Gartner and Celent, Fadata has clients in over 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Fadata is headquartered in London and has offices throughout Europe, including a software development and operations centre in Sofia. It also has an extensive international distribution and implementation partner network that includes BearingPoint, Charles Taylor InsureTech, EVRY, EY, Infosys, Sollers and Tieto.

In 2017, Fadata acquired Impeo, broadening its insurance front-office capabilities. Fadata’s shareholders include The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm, and Charles Taylor plc., the London-based global provider of insurance services.

About La Positiva Seguros

La Positiva Seguros is an insurance group with over 81 years of experience in the Peruvian insurance market, servicing more than 3,800,000 insured throughout Peru. La Positiva Seguros consists of: Positiva Seguros Generales, which provides insurance of Property, Accident and Health, and La Positiva Vida, which offers Life, Workers Compensation, Pension and Retirement Income insurance. La Positiva Seguros is one of the Top 4 insurance companies in the Peruvian insurance market.

About Charles Taylor InsureTech

Charles Taylor InsureTech is part of Charles Taylor plc, a leading provider of insurance services to global insurance markets, and benefits from Charles Taylor’s deep knowledge of insurance and long track record of developing innovative solutions for insurance markets. Charles Taylor InsureTech employs over 200 technology specialists to deliver business transformation, solutions, analysis, systems development, implementation and support to clients in the global insurance market.

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