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A mission towards transition

By: Fadata Group

September 16, 2020

Fadata Group

The tech industry is rapidly transitioning – so is Fadata Group.

The company has pledged to extend its technology landscape as the first step towards reaching full transition to next generation of INSIS as componentized insurance platform. As part of this gradual evolution, since September 2019 Fadata Group has been investing in the development of the needed tech expertise for the expansion of the backend and frontend capabilities.

One of the key preparatory steps the company took towards the evolution of the INSIS platform was launching an online self-training program for its employees aiming to build foundational knowledge. A following stage of the training program, starting September 2020, is a classroom Tech Camp series in collaboration with best in class training delivery partner. The camps will cover Java, React and Spring technologies that will primarily be adopted as part of the desired Microservices architecture.

The aim is to bring everyone up to speed with the INSIS roadmap delivery as well as expand upon the technological knowledge, required to deliver professional services, and support the product. Without having a strong foundation, one could not expect to excel, thus Fadata has pledged to put its technical consultants from the Product domain, Professional Services, and Support through the initiative. The Tech Camp is planned to run until the end of Q1 2021 when more than 100 employees will have completed the program.

The first release of the INSIS Next Generation platform will be available end of September.

Fadata Group

Written by Fadata Group

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