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INSIS Release

By: Fadata Group

April 10, 2020

Fadata Group

INSIS Business Benefits and How we announced two software releases in just one week.

We have entered a whole new era of INSIS with the latest release we announced last Friday, April 3rd, 2020.

The release of INSIS is based on Oracle Database and Middleware technology stack: Oracle Database 19c and Oracle Fusion Middleware In this way, we affirm our commitment to provide continuous support and exceptional customer satisfaction.

The two highlights of this release are:

Modern technology framework

Building your dream insurance solution, you can start with a solid foundation and benefit from the latest capability enhancements available

Long-lasting Oracle support

Being committed to our customers, we ensure they invest in an innovative, stable, and predictable long-term supported solution.

This INSIS release came only a few days after the previous one, bringing not only immense value to our INSIS Community but also a joyful sense of a job well done.

"Our Product and Technology team went through a challenging and yet highly successful first quarter of 2020. The previous and this release were interdependent to each other, and a single mistake would have meant a delay in not one, but two releases. We proved to ourselves once again that we are great professionals, who walk that extra mile to keep up to their commitments" shared Yavor Mramorenski, Head of Development & Support.

We have decided that we need to push two releases in a week because our customers and partners deserve both an outstanding business functional system and a reliable and maintained technology stack that will secure the flowless system operation and maintenance for years ahead.

"Once again, I'm grateful for having such a devoted team. This release is the result of the joint efforts of a considerable part of our company. Fadata is a preferred vendor of software solutions to the insurance business for many reasons, among which our high level of proficiency and collegiality. However, there's more to this release. It shows how we are successfully shifting our culture to a virtual one. We have embraced the digital transformation the pandemic has brought, and we are confident we are moving forward in the right direction." added Silvia Koleva, Chief Product Officer.

Fadata Group

Written by Fadata Group

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