Health Insurance
Software Solutions

INSIS provides full functionality for individual, family, and group health insurance policies. All policy administration is performed by the Health Policy Administration module. INSIS has a special interface module for handling large group health insurance policies. This module provides convenient functionality for the loading of personal data, assigning each person to a policy, and attaching specific cover levels to this policy.

Premium rates can be defined individually, or per group cover when they are applicable to each insured in the group. The system also provides calculation of the group unit rate, based on individual tariff rates.

Using our extensive experience, gained through the years of working with leading insurance companies in different parts of the world, Fadata has developed a very powerful system which automates health insurance processes. Our solution encompasses all the processes and requirements needed for this complex area of insurance. Since the specifics around Health insurance are very different to the other insurance lines, Fadata's Health insurance solution can easily be implemented as an add-on, due to its modular nature, which includes a depth of relevant functionality.

INSIS Health Features

Policy Management Health

Enables you to perform the registration and administration of insurance contracts for all Health Insurance lines of business.

Claims Settlement Health

Provides a uniform way to process claims in all lines of Health Insurance business and supports the entire claim settlement process.

Personal Data Administration

Manage all physical or legal entities that are part of the insurance process. A person can play different roles and be associated with various other objects.

Billing & Collection

A highly automated vertical solution for insurance, optimized for high volume processing; it performs all the pre-accounting processing of the premium collection process providing all the necessary functionality.

Agents & Commission

Provides functionality for calculation of commissions, overrides, and bonuses. Allows freedom to deploy numerous commissioning rules while controlling the process of registration, rule definitions, individual commissions and their distribution to company staff.


Supports the full reinsurance (Treaty & Facultative) and co-insurance process in the Insurance Company.