Impeo ICE is an insurance front-office application toolkit that lets you overcome traditional over-reliance on internal and third-party development support.

  • Empower your business teams to quickly configure requirements and rules themselves without the need for coding skills.
  • Remove the burden of work and cost from your IT department.
  • Allow for the more effective allocation of tasks across business analysts, developers and design agencies.

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Increase Speed Remove hurdles in taking products to market quickly. Increase Efficiency Reduce the total cost, time and resource investment of front-end development work. Increase Quality Control the consistent quality of front-office development through standardized, well-defined processes.

Impeo ICE Features

Comprehensive Configurability

Across complex business logic parameters, UI components and business rules

Standardized Components

Usable out of the box

Simplified Requirements Definition

Designed for intuitive usability

Requirements Validation

Visual editor to simplify validation of requirements

Requirements Versioning

Track changes and merge changes into production

Modern Design

Uses Angular, plus integrates with all standard UI technologies

Multi-User Support

Across multiple channels, with parallel editing capabilities


Choose and configure existing rules or add custom rules

Workflow Support

Simplify the management of complex requirements, and automate tasks

Decision Tables

Structure which actions to perform based on specified conditions

Runtime Management

Efficiently manage the execution of an Impeo ICE application

Easy Integration

Web client-server application easily integrated with other systems