INSIS v.10

Advanced insurance businesses know the importance and the benefits of using flexible, yet integrated software systems. Companies looking for a modern package that fully supports their current business, and at the same time has the flexibility to support future business requirements, will find INSIS a truly unique insurance management solution. While many insurance systems cover just one or two functional needs – such as underwriting, claims processing or reinsurance – INSIS covers all aspects of the insurance business, both horizontally and vertically, across the organization.

The INSIS platform is a result of 25 years of continuous research, development and innovation, built and designed by our highly qualified teams, with professional backgrounds across the IT, insurance, accounting, and actuarial areas. It helps insurers connect faster and more effectively with their customers, and has more than 65 implementations in over 30 countries, across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, CIS and Africa. INSIS is an award-winning platform, and has been recognized by leading research reports, including Gartner and Celent.


Rapid Deployments

INSIS flexibility allows the system to becomes available for review, testing, and user training at very early stages of implementation. A new product with an average complexity can be configured and available to the market in about one week.

  • Automated Product Deployment
  • Ready Made Prototypes for every region
  • Backward compatibility

Customer Centric System

Starting from the end-user interface and going through all processes, screens and products configurations, everything can be completed with drag and drop techniques. Only business knowledge is required to configure and use the system completely.

  • Power to add features and modules at any time
  • Marketing Campaigns Support
  • No software writing

Reduced Risk & Cost

INSIS is one of the most cost efficient insurance systems on the market today.  Each INSIS module can be implemented separately allowing the projects to go live in small incremental steps reducing the implementation risk significantly.

  • RAPID Methodology assures risk free gradual transition
  • Component Reusability
  • Based on Open Standards



Cloud and SaaS Ready

INSIS is offered as a service or in a private or public clouds (INSIS installation can be found at Amazon web services; Elastic Computing Cloud).

Multi-Tenant Environment

The unique application architecture of INSIS provides full multi-country and multi-company support in a single INSIS instance.

Service Bus

The rule service bus allows INSIS modules to use "foreign" configuration data (provided by third party rule engines) as well as external systems to use INSIS Configurator.

Integrated with Oracle BPA

Any business process configured with BPA can be dragged and dropped in the workflow builder.

Complete Solutions

INSIS fully supports individual and group life products, unit-linked products, commercial and personal non-life lines of business, and health products.


Configure Your Own Solution

INSIS is extremely flexible and highly configurable. System functionality is controlled and fine-tuned via more than 5,000 configuration parameters using the powerful INSIS Configurator. This configurability enables insurance companies to use in house resources to build their own products tailored to their individual market demands.

IVC Repository

Repository based environment to build your own ideal system.

Front-End Composer

Gives business users the ability to design and manage user interfaces for back office and front end users using standard components.

Workflow Builder

Extremely powerful tool to set up specific complex flows to the corresponding business needs allowing the ICs to execute and design all of their business processes to the tiniest details.

Product Configurator

End-user tool based on reusable components (objects, covers, rules, discounts, etc.) that facilitates the process of new products’ development and system set-up using drag and drop functionality.